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#XP - Sharp decrease 1h: -22.7% V: 2.7M$

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$NEO is now worth $53.09 (-1.08%) and 0.00699429 BTC (-0.38%) #NEO
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$NEO #NEO has bottomed out for sure. Buy that shit.
$NEO @ US$54.02 (down -0.34% last hour) | $NEOGAS @ US$19.46 (down -1.4% last hour) #NEO
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Neo News Headlines | 03:00 P.M | 07 May 2018 Subscribe Neo News To Watch Latest Pakistani Talkshows & News Web: Like Us: ...
Crypto Markets Tumble: Litecoin Price Dips to Crucial support at $117 (Neo Analysis) Litecoin Donation Wallet: LP5bgbTYYqDa1D3dqcXYGydfmVcrL5XpZE Bitcoin Donation Wallet: 1EVBijoL3GV9AMKMYkvBZGu8wuBfWtetWA ...

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